Brain Dumps

I used to write these things called brain dumps. That’s what I called them, anyway (I stole the term from one of my English professors). It started one night when I couldn’t sleep because I had a lot on my mind, so I opened a document on my computer and wrote out what I was thinking. I didn’t try to format it perfectly with proper grammar and punctuation; I just wrote. It certainly helped to ease my mind, so I started doing it more. My writing didn’t always make sense, but it didn’t have to.

A lot has happened at school over the past couple months, and I’ve found this semester to be pretty emotionally rough. You would think the more stressed I got the more I would write, but it turned out to be the opposite. I found myself writing less, and it got to the point that I felt so worn out that I couldn’t write at all anymore.

I generally detest talking about feelings and tend to keep to myself, but I find that my emotions show through my writing. The more I write the more I reveal about myself, and that’s a scary thing for me. My brain dumps aren’t meant to be read by other people, but by writing what’s on my mind I’m almost experiencing my thoughts twice because I actually have to admit to myself that I’m upset or confused in order to write about being upset or confused.

A friend of mine makes YouTube videos. That’s her thing, just as this blog is my thing, so we’re trying to keep each other accountable to be consistent in creating. She agreed to post a video if I created a brain dump and/or blog post tonight. So here’s my blog post. I’m going to attempt to start writing brain dumps again, as well as start blogging again. Because writing is important to me. I don’t really care if other people read it or not, but it’s just something that I need to do.

And by the way my friend is a pretty cool person, so you can check out her YouTube channel here: Molly Bahre – YouTube                                                                      Thank you, my friend.

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