Highlights and Laughable Goals

Recently I read a book entitled Digital Leader by Erik Qualman – a very helpful book with advice on how to make a positive “digital footprint,” but also advice on how to become more organized and successful, both in business and in personal life. One thing that stood out to me in this book was a method of helping to discover one’s passion: each day write down something that was positive about that day, and write why it was positive. A highlight. Then look back over the highlights after a week or two and try to identify common positive elements, which eventually can help lead to discovering a passion. So I decided to take that idea and make it my own.

Many evenings I have written in my journal something I liked about each day. I haven’t been faithful in writing every day, but I write regularly enough so that writing down a highlight has become almost a habit for me over the past couple months. I recently decided to finally look over a few highlights over January and February, and I noticed several interesting things based on patterns I saw.

1) Sometimes the highlights of my day are those involving technology, particularly video making. I enjoy being in video projects, filming videos, editing them.

2) I enjoy activities that involve some sort of community: a movie night, a housewarming party, a dance. Generally I prefer smaller groups of people because to me it is more intimate and less overwhelming.

3) I also enjoy being alone. Every once in awhile I like to have an empty evening to relax and maybe watch a movie. By myself.

4) Many times the highlight of my day has been a rehearsal for Les Mis. I am assistant stage managing for this production being put on by the musical theater department at my school, and I love the rehearsals. Perhaps some of my favorite parts of the rehearsals have been when I was able to sit and watch the actors (although now I’m getting busier with backstage duties). I’m fascinated as I observe the decisions each actor makes to best portray his/her character, and I love observing how they walk, talk, and carry themselves onstage. I have learned so much just by observing, and I am eager to learn more. And the singing. Oh, if you could only hear them sing.

I still want to keep writing my highlights of the day, because eventually Les Mis will be over. But I like how this exercise has helped me to learn things about myself.

One other piece of advice that stood out to me in Digital Leader was to make some laughable goals. I’ve heard similar advice from various sources. If people don’t laugh at the goals you make, you’re not making them big enough. I want to work on some small, realistic goals, but I also have one very specific goal that up until recently I was too chicken to admit to myself that it could even be a goal. It was more of a distant dream, but I now want to work toward it. Right now I’m too terrified to admit it to the internet because of how ambitious it is. But maybe someday I’ll share it. Or should I say, maybe someday you’ll know what it is because you’ll have seen me accomplish it.

I’ll end with one recent entry from my journal:

Almost a 12 hr. rehearsal for Les Mis today. And so begins tech week. But one of my favorite times was when I could sit and listen to the singing. They have such beautiful voices and sing with so much expression. I want to learn to sing like that.

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