Living in a Bubble

One of the things I love about working with the public is I feel connected to the people around me. Even if I’m not the most up to date on current events, I get to understand where people are coming from by listening and talking to them. My co-workers tell me of things they are passionate about and I hear news from the countless perspectives of people I come into contact with.

While working with large volumes of people drains me, I hesitate when pondering different industries I may want to work in. Most companies interact with the public in some way, but it is always in the context of its own culture and outlook.

Granted, I think everyone interacts with the world in bubbles. We all have various perspectives, and the people we spend time with are the ones we develop miniature cultures with. Within each group of people lies a lens through which they see the world, thus influencing how they interact with both the world and each other. And while this is something I think everyone does (albeit inadvertently), it is something that frustrated me.

I want so badly to understand others who are different from me, and yet I find myself constricted within my own bubble. I want to related to people, to feel connected with them, and yet I have my human limits. And eventually a lack of balance between the two results in feeling like butter spread over too much bread (to paraphrase my friend Bilbo).

In short, and in cheesiness, I loathe the limitations humans are bound by; yet balancing our abilities with our inabilities is what makes us beautiful.

(Sorry, gotta love alliteration)

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