Writing Exercise: The Letter

I write this to you, my son, because no one knows you exist. Had the Council realized you are a boy, they would have strangled you at birth.

I have raised you a woman. You know our culture, our ways, our weaknesses. Now that women are able to reproduce without the aid of men, the male population has become nothing but the object of hunting and torture in the name of entertainment. There are few left. This, my son, is your fate should anyone discover your biological sex.

The very savagery once accused of men exists only in the hearts of those who hunger for more power. They are coming for me, because I dare to resist that power. My hope lies in you. If you remember what I have taught you, victory is possible. Save the men. Save us all.

You will not likely see me again. Destroy this letter upon reading it. And no matter what, do not reveal your true Name to anyone.

I am, and will ever remain,

Your Mother

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