Dear Journal:

Today Mommy and I went to a tea place called Lavender and Lace. She brushed my hair, and we got all dressed up to go to afternoon tea. We got there, and the tables had purple tablecloths. The food came out on what looked like three plates stacked on top of each other – Mommy called it a three tier plate. We ate cucumber sandwiches and also scones with jelly and Devonshire cream. They were so good. We also shared a pot of tea. It was a lot of fun.

Dear Journal:

Today Mom and I tried out a new tea room, a place called “Amelia’s Teas and Holly.” We had a nice chat with the owner, who had named the place after her grandmother. I tried a new tea, called sencha tea. I liked how mild it was. Of course the tea sandwiches and sweets were delicious. Going out to afternoon tea was a nice break from the stress of the week. I enjoyed being able to get away for awhile.

Dear Journal:

I’m looking out the window, watching the rain fall as I hold my hot cup of green tea. It’s chilly outside, but the steam ascending from my mug warms my face as I wait until the tea is cool enough to drink. I’m far from home, but I feel happy. Now all I need is a cucumber sandwich.

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