Katherine Hill is a Celtic harpist from Southern New Jersey. After studying with Rosalyn Briley, she went on to the Delaware School of Music, where she took lessons with Janet Whitman, and then to Belmont University, where she studied with Paula Bressman.

Hill began performing at various venues throughout South Jersey in 2009, from churches to antique stores as well as weddings and private parties. She has also recorded two solo albums, as well as played as a guest musician for other recording projects. Her television appearances have included being featured on the local program On the King’s Highway, as well as playing for the local station MIND TV.

Since moving to Nashville in 2011, Hill has become an active member of the worship team at Midtown Fellowship Church, as well as played at a wedding at the Union Station Hotel and the National Anthem at  a Belmont University Women’s Basketball game.

Katherine learned to play the harp the traditional Irish way, which was by ear. Her ability to learn songs quickly allows her to create her own arrangements as well as learn songs from various genres.

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