The Pursuit of Wisdom in Relationships

I have two pursuits in the forefront of my mind during this season of life: to contribute to the healing of the world, and to pursue wisdom.

I have often wondered what the pursuit of wisdom looks like in the midst of personal relationships. In many situations I have felt healthier being single than I have dating, mostly because I haven’t always pursued the most healthy of relationships. Looking back over those situations I would usually feel a sense of freedom when they were over, because I could finally reconnect to myself again, and I’ve wondered if I’ll ever feel like myself when I’m with another.

That being said, because my goal is wisdom rather than a relationship, my philosophy has been that I’m going to continue pursuing my own growth, and if someone wants to join me in that journey I welcome the company. It can make for a lonely journey, though. The healthier I become, often the more isolated I feel, because not everyone is pursuing the same things. We are all at different points in our journey, and it can be hard to find people to relate to. That’s when I begin to wonder if I’m actually healthy or if I’m rather missing something crucial by not being in closer community with others.

I crave community. I crave closeness. And yet I feel like I can’t hear my own inner spirit if I don’t spend enough time by myself. It’s a constant tug-of-war, trying to figure out what the optimal balance is. Maybe it will take a lifetime to figure out.

7 thoughts on “The Pursuit of Wisdom in Relationships

  1. “…continue pursuing my own growth, and if someone wants to join me in that journey…” excellent philosophy/way to live. If you ever want to look for that person, I’m sure with patience, they will be found. Live your best life. 🙂

  2. Katherine,

    This link is to a class that I have led many times to groups who always felt they got a lot out of it. So if you are interested in “what the pursuit of wisdom looks like in the midst of personal relationships.” from the human owner’s manual POV, please take the time to view the video series at:

    * \/ictor

  3. It’s crazy because I’m a complete introvert. Except on here I am extremely extroverted. People in person are very draining. I need time in the woods on a hiking trail or some mountains to recharge.

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