Reflection: The Magic of Living

When I was a child I thought Christmas was magical. I couldn’t describe why, but I got a feeling inside when I heard Christmas music, looked at decorations, anticipated festivities. Sometimes even when it wasn’t Christmastime I remember getting emotional thinking about how much I loved Christmas.

As I grew older the magic dissolved, and for years I thought growing up meant being depressed with life and learning how to deal with it. Only after much processing and growing did some of that magic start to come back. I began to find a new, deeper feeling, and not just surrounding Christmas. It was the discovery that life is sacred. And really for me, sacredness is a more grown-up version of childhood magic. It’s the realization that something is important, worthwhile, beautiful, and finding joy or reverence in it.

I had a conversation with someone recently who told me about how he was working on doing more grounding, and I mentioned that I felt so much happier when I’m in the present.

There’s a road I have often traveled, either to go to class, to therapy appointments, or other events, and I realized tonight that that road is sacred to me. Usually when I’m driving that road I’m listening to music and admiring the fields or trees or fancy houses I pass. And usually it’s in anticipation of work I’m about to do or in processing what I’ve already done. I feel hopeful, positive, because I believe what I’m pursuing is worthwhile. And that road has been representative of a small part of my journey. That journey which is sacred, which therefore makes the road I travel sacred. And it’s beautiful.

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