A Quiet Reunion

Like a ghost, you concealed yourself in the dark corners of my mind.

Hidden in the shadows nearly forgotten until recently you emerged again, filling the absence of another. 

I have made peace with you; I am not afraid. You have been a constant companion to me these years and I have come to value your presence. You have connected me with a deep part of myself, given me access to a new dimension filled with wonders. You are a painful presence, but I do not resent you. You are a gift given to me to teach me hard lessons, to be my guide. I welcome you, my old friend: Loneliness.

4 thoughts on “A Quiet Reunion

    1. Thank you, Papa Tuck 🙂 I wrote this awhile ago and am just now getting around to posting it, but loneliness is really a constant companion. Not necessarily in a bad way, just there.

      1. Katherine, I’m sorry to hear about your constant companion. Nice to hear it’s not in a completely bad way but I pray your companion will be replaced soon ❤

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