My Typical Day In the Retail World

The marimba tune playing on my phone is the one that wakes me up in the morning. I snooze for as long as I can while my brain floats through the fog at the end of my last sleep cycle. I’m lucky if I got between six and seven hours of rest.

Before I even throw off my sheets, my mind has gone to the moon and back in a spiraling fashion. I think about my dream, if I can remember it, the day ahead, the meaning of life, and I wonder if I’ll get married someday. It is an informal session of rumination, something often associated with anxiety. I don’t really feel anxious, just overwhelmed.

If I have time, I’ll hard boil an egg. Most days, however, sleep is more important. I cannot function well without sleep. Unfortunately, I cannot function well without food either. Hardee’s is the only place on the way to work. I chase a mouthful of grease with a carton of orange juice, hoping I don’t feel sick later.

Job #1 lasts for several hours. I pass the time by dusting, ringing up purchases, folding clothes, taking bathroom breaks, and occasionally hiding to take a 30-second nap. On busier days I find myself in a rhythm, which helps the time pass faster. After that I leave to go to Job #2.

I schedule an hour and a half between jobs so I can arrive on time. When traffic is heavy, I need that hour and a half. It gives me time to stop home and change, and perhaps grab something to eat from the fridge. I haven’t gone grocery shopping in awhile, so there isn’t much to choose from.

I drive in the fast lane to arrive early. If my stomach needs something, I may walk the quarter-ish mile to Starbucks. Yes, it is my guilty pleasure. It also tastes better than drive-through grease sandwiches.

I spend another few hours on my feet. I smile; people like me there. By the end of the day my feet are throbbing, even if I am wearing inserts for extra padding. I can drive home as fast as I want to, since there is almost no traffic this late. I contemplate my paycheck, but quickly remember I won’t be seeing much of it, since it will go toward paying off debt. I wonder how I allowed myself to get so deep in over my head, but I am taking steps to remedy that. It is a hard lesson, but one I believe I am learning well.

If I had forgotten or didn’t have time eat dinner, I may make a mug of hot cocoa before falling into bed. I try to spend a few minutes reading each night to rest my mind a bit before falling into a fitful sleep. Rinse and repeat.

One thought on “My Typical Day In the Retail World

  1. hi Katherine!Where do you live nowadays?Also, what places do you work?Your blog was interesting and I could relate to it, though I am in quite different circumstances.Hope you are doing well : ) Love,Anita 

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