Blizzards, Bundles, and Blossoms

I don’t hate Valentine’s Day. So many people I’ve talked to do. Growing up, I remember learning about St. Valentine, and I would look through catalogues of fun clothes and decorations. Not to mention my favorite color used to be pink.

As I’ve grown older, however, I’ve realized that for many people this holiday tends to induce a lot of loneliness and bitterness as it accentuates couples and isolates single people. I don’t think the issue is the holiday, necessarily, but rather the perspective of it. Sometimes the media overwhelms us with the idea that we are not complete with out a significant other, and Valentine’s Day only exaggerates that mindset.

I have tried to shift my focus from loneliness to loving, without being in a relationship. When I went with a friend to Krispy Kreme for heart-shaped donuts, she gave me a big fluffy teddy bear. Another friend gave me chocolates, and another friend sent me a bouquet of flowers. I was able to do some fun things on Valentine’s Day, and then I got to spend the evening doing something I love: writing. And with the weather being as cold and dreary as it has been, there’s no place I’d rather be than inside and warm.

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