Secret Land

I know about a secret land
That’s hidden far away.
So if you’ll only take my hand
I’ll bring you there today.

A place of stories, legends, mist
As old as time itself
Where those who know it can’t resist
The vast amount of wealth.

A place of solitude and peace
And where the children play
A place of comfort and release
And fears are stripped away.

But, oh, beware of bitter storm
That tries to come and steal
The beauty out of all the land
And make it all unreal.

The air is full of magic
And the water full of youth;
The scholars study endlessly
To know its deepest truth.

For much is undiscovered still
With so much mystery
But if you open up your eyes
Then you will be set free.

But I suppose you’ve guessed by now
The things that you will find.
I think you know that place quite well;
That land is called the mind.


July 2012

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