I know you’re trying to make friends with me,
But that’s not my kind of harmony.
You are dissonance,
Causing friction in the very fibers
Of my being.
Clashing with the clarity of my mind,
You paint pictures of people’s imperfections –
Creating caricatures of their flaws
Just so I can find fault with them,
Forcing me to forget
That they, like me, are human.
I am undone; I am broken,
Believing that bitterness will better me,
But instead it is a fetter to me.
You hold me hostile to my hypocrisy,
Only to harbor animosity.
Tell me, what is so satisfying about
Seeing others struggle, only to sneer
In your insatiable hunger for hurt?
I am not sorry when I say
That your sickness is not welcome here.

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