If Facebook Were a Woman


So, you’re the one
Who causes all the trouble. Dressed
In blue makes you look innocent,
but you still manage to steal
my eyes for hours. “Come on,
what’s what harm?” you ask me,
showing off some of your recent pictures.
Another cute bunny or advice
on dieting. But if I see one more kitten
I think I might throw up. You know,

You are a great photographer, especially
when the photos aren’t yours. But that’s okay
because you change your style so often
that your selfies would become outdated
really fast. You’re a great seducer. Those
green kisses on familiar faces force me to think
that my friends may want to talk to me,
but you lure them to yourself
with your latest gossip.
You have a way with words.

You sit back and chuckle
pretending not to notice how many relationships
you’ve ended, how many fights you started,
and how many times people share
your poisonous words of “wisdom” and “inspiration”.
You seem to thrive on clutching people’s throats
and holding on for dear life, while still
convincing others to do the same. Temptation
never felt so subtle, but honey I know
you’ve got me good.

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