Why a Ring?

Chances are if you’re from generation Y – or even generation X – you’ve probably seen it. The engagement announcements, the pictures of the fancy ring. Don’t get me wrong, I love admiring people’s rings. I think rings are beautiful. I just wonder what the hype about them is.

Yes, a quick Google search will reveal that a ring symbolizes eternal love, the commitment to marriage. Although according to Wikipedia, “Historically, the wedding ring was connected to the exchange of valuables at the moment of the wedding rather than a symbol of eternal love and devotion. It is a relic of the times when marriage was a contract between families, not individual lovers.”

My conflict about the wedding ring isn’t a sense of belonging or devotion to somebody; my conflict is about the practicality of wearing a ring in general. I love admiring jewelry on other people, but for me, any sort of ring is uncomfortable. And what about when people go to the bathroom and wash their hands after? Isn’t that putting a lot of wear and tear on the ring? Suppose you’re making meatloaf and mixing the raw meat with your bare hands? To wear a ring in a situation like that just sounds really gross to me. What about gardening if you don’t wear gloves? Suppose you’re a painter and you get paint on the ring? I wouldn’t wear a $5,000 dress to paint a house, so why would I wear a $5,000 piece of jewelry only to have to pay more money to get it cleaned after?

(I don’t really know what the going rate for rings is…I’m just throwing around numbers)

Yes, I know that wearing a ring can show that you’re not single, that you’re devoted to someone else. And yes, that can be a very good thing. But technically, shouldn’t the way you act in your everyday life show that you’re devoted to someone? I’m not trying to put anyone down here, I’m genuinely trying to figure this out.

Of my many concerns about getting married someday, one is having to wear a piece of jewelry that someone spent a ridiculous amount of money on that I don’t even like. God have mercy on the man who gets stuck with me.

One thought on “Why a Ring?

  1. You may want to consider a tattoo on your finger. But, if you’re really opposed to the whole tradition thing, don’t do it. Of course, you’re future husband my have his own opinions. You two will have to work it out — and in my humble opinion, whoever he may be, he would be blessed to have you.

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