Minimalism: Step 1

According to the Minimalists, one of the first steps toward minimalism is the decision to change. This is something I’ve already been wanting to do for awhile, so in my journey, step 1 was packing everything up for my move. The nice thing about moving is that you have to pack up everything anyway, so it felt good to leave a clean room behind.

I wasn’t able to fit all my clothes into one suitcase, but I was able to organize almost everything into two. One suitcase contains my seasonal clothes and clothes I’m not currently wearing. The other contains clothes that I wear on a daily basis. I kept some items (such as jackets) on hangers and just carried them separately.

I did enjoy being able to pack everything up, because I was able to organize at the same time, separating stuff that I would need to use right away from stuff that I wouldn’t be using but still needed to hold on to for now. I was also able to throw away a lot of trash, which is a wonderful feeling. It makes me feel so much lighter to not have to carry around a bunch of trash with me.

Now that step 1 is completed, I’m able to move on to step 2, and it’s really exciting that I’m on my way to a simpler life.

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