My Thoughts on Facebook Fasting

Periodically I’ll see some of my Facebook friends announce that they are going on a Facebook fast: “Leaving Facebook for x days; text if you need to reach me.” While it sounds like a good idea, I have never officially done my own Facebook fast other than when I was traveling or at summer camp. I think a break from the internet can definitely be a good thing, both for the mind and the body, but I have some mixed thoughts about it as well.

Hearing about someone going on a Facebook fast sounds pretty similar to someone announcing they’re going on a diet. It’s short term and may have some benefits, but it takes discipline, it’s easy to give up on, and it probably won’t affect you much in the long term. I’m not a big fan of diets, but I am a fan of healthy living.

Personally I don’t do internet fasts because I want to be reachable if people need to contact me, especially if they want to schedule something last minute that I wouldn’t see if I were on a fast. A one-time internet fast isn’t likely to accomplish much (for me), but I do like the idea of trying to moderate how much time I spend on the internet on a regular basis. Maybe that means taking a day each week/month and not checking Facebook. More practically for me it means not checking my email constantly throughout the day.

Personal internet moderation is something I still need to work on – I still fall into the trap of sitting in front of my computer screen when I’m bored, or even when I should be doing other things. For some people, Facebook fasts are great. For me personally, I don’t want to go on a diet; I want to improve my lifestyle.

4 thoughts on “My Thoughts on Facebook Fasting

  1. Personally, I don’t like to check my Facebook. For others though, I could see how moderation is a good thing

  2. I deleted my Facebook two months ago because i realized that ever since i had first joined a social networking site in 2006 my creative output had plummeted. It struck me as being medicinal in a bad way; it helped me feel like i had done something, when really all i had done was get Likes by mentioning something i had eaten. Also, they share everything you share with the United States’ government. I feel like i’ve become more social and creative since deleting it, and i’m less stressed out. It’s all up to personal experience, but i’ve found that you never get convenience for free. It’s always a trade.

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