Read to Write

I’m taking a writing class in which our primary text is the New Yorker magazine. I had never read it before, and while I do not always keep up with reading every article, I am fascinated by the content. Every week is different; you don’t know what you’ll find. Even if my opinion differs from that of the authors’, I can still find something interesting about the articles I read.

Then it hit me. In recent posts, I’ve mentioned my difficulty for finding inspiration for topics to write about. But when I began reading the New Yorker, I realized that one thing I was missing was the act of reading. Reading engages the brain, broadens one’s knowledge, and offers new perspectives on a given topic. In my excitement to write, I have forgotten to read.

In order to be a good writer, I think it is imperative to learn to be a good reader as well. That’s not to say I need to become the bookworm I was as a child. But if I can exercise my brain more by reading, maybe that will help my mind generate thoughts and opinions that I can translate into writing.

At least, that’s the hope.

One thought on “Read to Write

  1. I agree. Reading is exercise for the brain. Crossfit training, that is reading articles or books of different viewpoints and topics, is helpful too.

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