Calendar Dates

For my first year or two of college, I kept detailed assignment books on when projects and papers were due, what campus events I would be attending, and when I would hang out with people. I even color-coded my entries so I could tell at a glance what my week looked like. It helped me to stay organized and on top of things.

As time has passed, I’ve gotten a bit lazier with keeping an assignment book, although I don’t know if laziness is quite the right word. I think it can be too easy to plan out every detail of our lives and forget to just live sometimes. If I have an appointment or an event I need to remember, I will still write it down – although I use my phone calendar for that more now.

As with anything in life, it’s important to keep a balance. I like to plan things out, but I’m not one to have every detail of my life written down anymore. Sometimes I wonder if I should still keep a planner to stay on top of things – whether a good planner at the beginning of college correlated with better grades I am uncertain. But this I do know, that it is easy to fall to one of the extremes: either planning too much, or not planning at all. Both can be beneficial, but both can be equally detrimental.

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