An Observation

I’m about to make a huge generalization about some modern churches. Not that this represents churches as a whole, but I’m noticing a trend.

Many churches these days will say, “Come as you are; we’ll accept you no matter where you are in life.” I’m all for loving others, but sometimes it seems that a church is so focused on the message of acceptance that I don’t even know what their beliefs are. You’ll accept me where I am. Great. But maybe where I am isn’t where I want to be. Maybe I want to grow. Maybe I need to be challenged.

I hear people give the advice all the time: “Be yourself; don’t change for anybody.” Often I see churches trying to keep up-to-date on how to look appealing to younger generations. If they keep trying to be everything to everybody, they’ll end up being nothing to nobody. If I don’t like your theology, I won’t go to your church. That’s my problem. Don’t try to change just to try to make me happy. It won’t work. It will leave me confused because I don’t know who you really are. I don’t want a church that’s trying to please me. I want a church that’s trying to please Christ. Because that’s who church should be about anyway.

Am I saying you shouldn’t love other people? No. I’m saying don’t compromise who you are to please everybody. I do that enough.

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