She gave me hugs when I was little. She kissed my boo-boos, and rocked me back and forth in her lap when I was sad.

Moms are awesome. A mom will cook dinner, wash the dishes, and clean the laundry. She can give you advice when you’re confused, or take you out for ice cream just because.

Mom will piss you off. You need to wash the dishes a certain way or they’re not clean. And you better be home by curfew or she’ll be up waiting for you. She has rules – common sense rules, picky rules, annoying rules.

Mom is emotional  – she’s a woman, why wouldn’t she be! She’ll yell if your room isn’t clean, and she’ll cry if the toilet is broken. Just because her dinners are amazing doesn’t mean her mood always will be.

Mom is insecure. She won’t say that, but she is. She desperately wants her children to be safe and happy, and is afraid of failing to provide that safety and happiness for her children. She’ll forget to take care of herself because her first thought is to take care of her family.

Maybe you woke up one morning and she wasn’t there. Maybe she never was. Maybe she’s there and you wish she wasn’t. But any woman who pushed an entire human being out from between her legs is a woman worthy of respect.

Tell her she’s beautiful. Make her proud.

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