Here’s to Old Shows!

Heroes in a half shell. Turtle Power!

I was watching some old theme songs today on YouTube, and they brought back so many memories. The top two I’ve been listening to multiple times I would have to say are Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I would love to go driving and blast those theme songs at full volume with the windows rolled down. Old kids’ shows were awesome. They just were.

I listened to several Power Rangers themes and saw how they had evolved over the years; some of the shows I had seen, but a lot of the more recent ones I hadn’t. Nothing can beat the original, although I must say I really do like the Lost Galaxy theme song. Did anyone else watch the Lost Galaxy movie as a kid and want to cry when Magna Defender died? I hated that part. And yet I watched the movie multiple times. Maybe a better movie was the one with Ivan Ooze, because that actually had a happy ending. I remember liking the Power Rangers Turbo movie as well. The Lightspeed Rescue series wasn’t too bad, especially with the Ryan’s cobra tattoo. And I liked Wild Force because I really liked how it incorporated nature. But ultimately nothing can compare to the original series, if for no other reason at least because of that guitar solo in the beginning of each show.

Ninja Turtles of course was awesome too. I don’t remember very much of the cartoon series, but I remember loving the movies made of them in the 90s. The hilarious Mikey, moody Raph, serious Leo and nerdy Donny. And their undying love for pizza. Not to mention watching them fight and knock down the bad guys. Maybe they’re part of the reason I want to learn martial arts? Seeing them and Karate Kid. I don’t know.

There are so many more shows I could talk about, but for now it’s those two that are sticking in my mind. They have really strong ties to my childhood. And they’re fun. Kowabunga!

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